White Hat SEO: Tips and Tricks

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White Hat SEO: Tips and Tricks

white hat seo

White Hat SEO  is the context in which those actions are included that are legitimate for search ranking and recommended for major search engines to optimize the user experience. These are the ethically correct techniques that meet the guidelines set by search engines to position a website.

These actions include code cleaning, relevant content, accessibility, and usability, the weight of the web page, and the correct labeling of the elements, among others.

It is the most beneficial way to optimize the positioning of a website in the medium-long term. Your goal is to make the page more relevant to search engines. To get a good White Hat SEO some characteristics must be taken into account.


The content of the website must solve the doubt of the user that arises. Also, showing content that is useful and original is the best way to get links from other pages, this technique is also known as link baiting.

Good content that combines all the best practices leads Google or the preferred search engine to observe that it is constantly being visited and that users remain on the said website because there is the information they need. Once the web has been through the evaluations corresponding to the content, the search engine will have no choice but to raise its position in the searches.


A well-kept design, which can be adapted to any device and improves the user experience. To achieve this goal:

The site must be visually attractive, making it easy to read and find different content.

The brand that is represented on this site must not only be visually attractive, but also following the interests of communication, sales and, above all, it must be by the interests of the person who consumes it.

The site must have a responsive design, that is, that it works perfectly whether it is viewed on a computer as if it is viewed on a tablet or mobile phone.

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Having a well-structured HTML code is also very important. The clearer a page is shown to search engines, the easier it will be for them to remember and write it, as well as find it, and the more relevant the page will acquire in search engines. For example, we can:

Use meta tags and microformats that help to describe the content of the pages well.

Using the tags invented by the search engines themselves, such as the canonical tag to avoid duplicate content, scores points when it comes to getting a good positioning.


Titles are a very important part of a website, the one in charge of whether or not a user decides to enter the page and read or display the content. The title also serves as the address or how we can be found on the internet. It is the reason that triggers consumption and hence the importance of it being attractive, promising, and above all, real.


When talking about keywords, reference is made to the basis of the strategy, or rather, the result that the analysis of the users gives. A keyword is a kind of code, a network of specific words that are used to be found in search engines.

The creation of these words requires a thorough study and they are by the needs that will be supplied in the content.

In addition to being found, keywords must be fundamental components, but they do not have to be forced, into all written content, since search engines will use their spiders to crawl the components related to the words directed by the user.


There is even a rather peculiar strategy, feared at times, but which, if well carried out, can win not only position but also credibility among users. This is the term known as link building.

It is a strategy compatible with the proposal to generate value.


Many say that consistency makes perfect, and it’s true. Constancy gives experience, generates authority and of course, the search engines will take it into account more: the greater the constancy, the greater the visibility on the web. The higher the visibility, the more interaction, which translates into a greater number of leads and a very high probability that those leads will become a buyer.


There are other types of strategies, called tips, to achieve a greater expansion of the web and therefore a better positioning, and it is through the use of YouTube and Google +. This is because, through these two portals, users can be redirected to the desired website.


At first, the White Hat SEO was proposed as the splendor, as the key to following, and the guaranteed triumph to obtain the best position in the search results. However, White Hat SEO is not a miracle thing, but not a bad thing either. Everything will always depend on how it is used, the intentions, and the regularity with which the techniques are applied.


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