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Free Manual Website Audit is all about helping you to understand the faults in your website. Which may cause serious damage to the visibility and User Experience at no cost at all. We all know tools that can audit your website, but sometimes it gets tough to understand the results through them. As they only return vague results such as HTTP Errors, First CPU Idle, main thread-work minification and many others that is hard for a Non-Technical person to understand. Our goal is to give out the most simple way to make you understand the reason behind your website’s lag due to Technical issues or due to poor SEO. We have the proven methods to help your website grow better and at a faster Pace. 


We have our Expert Technical SEO Team to audit your Website Manually within 24 hours. And Hand over the results in the simplest form along with the solutions for it. You can contact us at any time of the day if you have any doubts regarding the audit or the solution given to you.

Also, Digi Media Corporation is a leading Digital Marketing Agency providing the Most Affordable Digital Marketing Services like SEOSMMWebsite Designing, and Development. You let us help you grow your business further than you think it can be.

We have helped more than 30+ companies to know the most important issues that could cause their website a huge penalty from google. As google gives priority to every major and minor issues to penalize a website. Because google doesn’t want to show results that could make users suffer. And all of the companies recommend Manual audit of the website rather that getting it done by a tool.

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